Villa Feltrinelli

Villa Feltrinelli

Gargnano | Italy


D.H. Lawrence wrote about it, Winston Churchill painted it…the beautiful village of Gargnano on majestic Lake Garda.. I know that you will find there the same poetry, peace, and beauty. Bob Burns

Villa Feltrinelli, the most beautiful hotel in the world,… “an amazing, beautiful place, whose magic is not tangible or easily explained - it’s the way it makes you feel” / Herbert Ypma , The Times, London , May 2002.

The Grand Hotel at Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano, on the Lake Garda, is today a totally captivating hotel, not merely because of its stunning location surrounded by its splendid grounds, but also because of the unique atmosphere created by the furnishings and the architecture of the five buildings which together make up this magnificent hotel complex.
Villa Feltrinelli, formerly property of the respected Italian publishing family from which it takes its name, became the official residence of Benito Mussolini during the years of the Italian Social Republic (1943–1945).
In 2000, Interna Contract, on behalf of the new owner, the Robert H. Burns Ventures Srl, has supplied all the furniture and interior décor, including drapes, carpets, lamps and other accessories. Every single item was designed exclusively, and to the highest possible standards of quality, for the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli.
To the Interna team this project, unique in its complexity and in the staggering number of new designs involved, represented a real challenge to ‘do one better’: it supplied 2000 different, exclusive pieces, many of which were rare antiques, painstakingly restored by Interna. Precious textiles were used for the drapes, walls, chairs, and other upholstered furniture, and many were printed with special one-off designs.
Interna Contract worked hand in hand for the entire 12-month duration of the project with Babey, Moulton, Jue and Booth of San Francisco, who were responsible for the overall design.