Interna works for a prestigious clientele which requires an exclusive manufacturing, therefore its items, either created ad hoc upon design or selected from Interna collections, are always tailor-made products, produced in conformity with the specific requirments in terms of design, dimensions, materials and finishes for each single client.
Interna has the know-how and the technology to satisfay any furnishing request in regard to the most different styles, using any kind of material, from wood to metal, from fabrics/ leathers to glass, creating the most refined and peculiar finishes.
Some of the main products suplied by Interna are: casegoods and tables of any kind; chairs, armchairs and upholstered items in general;  beds, doors; millwork and boiseries; outdoor furniture, lamps and accessories.

Unique pieces

In contract projects it is rather usual to find, in particular in highly visible parts, some unusual items, real works of art. Italy is famous for the excellence of its craftsmanship which for centuries has produced works with remarkable historic and artistic value. The best Italian craftsmanship is Interna heritage. Its mission comprises safeguarding the precious creative resources of its master craftsmen to create pieces of furniture with inbuilt quality and worth. Special inlays, hand painted items, carved sections, the most difficult finishes and the most peculiar shapes are just some of the fascinating daily challenges Interna faces.

Hi-Tech Production

Over the course of the years Interna acquired a solid manufacturing know-how in the high-end contract sector and therefore its industrial production aims at conforming with the high quality standards required by renowned hotel chains, luxury retail brands and exclusive private clients. Interna produces ad hoc furniture for each client and carries out the production with the most modern and advanced machinery using the most innovative technologies, in compliance with the rules of differing countries in terms of environmental sustainability, safety and health protection.
Materials and components used for the production are of the highest quality and conform with the technical, maintenance, and durability requirements of the contract sector.