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Viking Sun | Ancona - Italy - Since 2017 | Interior Designer: SMC Design | Rottet Studio

The Viking Sun is the fourth of a series of six cruise ships that The Viking Ocean Cruises commissioned to Fincantieri. They are small vessels, where every little detail is taken care as to meet the requirements of a highly selected clientele. The interior design, jointly signed by London-based SMC Design and Rottet Studio from Los Angeles, - similar in the 4 vessels in terms of spaces but exclusive and unique in each of them as for colours and finishes-, expresses a sophisticated and contemporary elegance well combined with functionality. Interna, that previously implemented several areas of the Star and the Sea, first three vessels of the Viking fleet, executed an encore performance for the Sun. In detail it worked on Deck 2 (Multifunction Theatre and dressing rooms, Theatre lobby bar, Cinemas Starboard & Port, Theatre stores, Broadcasting - Office, Entertainment Lounge, The Street, Fashion Retail & Jewellery, Stores), Deck 8 (Explorer Lounge) and Deck 7 (Explorer Lounge, Owner Suite & Balcony, Owner Suite Sauna, Buffets & Stores). The supply met the highest quality standards in accordance with the rigid naval regulations on safety, health, reaction to fire performance and special sound proofing has been created in particular for the Theatre and Cinema areas.