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Bar Cavour Del Cambio | Turin - Italy - 2016 | Interior Designer: Orsini Design

Here everything stays as it is and everything changes: the future has an antique heart.
It is not a museum. Far from it. It is a place to experience with all five senses.

The new green room of the historic Bar Cavour in Turin, cocktail bar of the del Cambio Restaurant, is a private room with a discreet and relaxed charm with Piedmont’s nineteenth century suggestions. Everything is in moss and emerald shades, from the wallpaper to the furniture, enhanced by smooth and refined velvets and damasks. The atmosphere is voluptuous and the lights skilfully emphasize the warmth and comfort of the environment.

Interna has been called to produce the loose furniture selected from its collection Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia, produced sartorially with ad hoc finishes and a highly valuable textile selection.