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Trisha Wilson

Wilson Associates | Dallas

Trisha Wilson

“The more you know about the regional influences of your project, the better—and easier—the design development phase will be. If we can educate ourselves about the location, source great local artisans, and include historical perspective and influences in our design, the richer and longer lasting the design will be.”

Trisha Wilson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wilson Associates, interior architectural design firm based in Dallas, Texas, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Cochin, India. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Trisha Wilson is a dynamic businesswoman and an internationally acclaimed hotel designer who founded her firm in 1971 and now employs a staff of over 325 professionals. Wilson Associates is a world renown hospitality design firm, specialized in interior architectural design: it creates custom interiors for each client, conducting extensive research to fulfil each owner and operator’s unique vision.