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Tony Chi

tonychi and associates | New York

Tony Chi

“It is the invisible design, what touches you rather that what you see: an ambience is crafted by meticulously composed and orchestrated subtleties rather than by an obvious approach. We draw on nature and culture, mind and matter, appearance and reality to make our design momentarily and permanently relevant.”

Tonychi and associates, crated in New York in1984, has a design philosophy that encompasses beauty and practicality, modernity and comfort. Tony Chi, founder and president of the studio, moulded the firm as to create spaces that are imbued with emotions. Over the years the team has restlessly pursued perfection: with their design, there is always a current, an energy that flows beneath the surface of things. They strive for poetic design: and this is the feeling that can be felt in his projects implemented all over the world , being hotels, restaurants, clubs, high-end residences, public areas and even cars.