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Stuart Wilsdon

Wilsdon Design Associates Limited | London

Stuart Wilsdon

“We aim to attain a form of synergy from what can often be competing project requirements - to bring order and beauty together in perfect balance is to realise that aspiration”.

Stuart Wilsdon is the founding director and principal of Wilsdon Design Associates, an London-based interior architectural design consultancy specialising in hospitality and leisure design, through the creation of urban and resort hotels, bars, restaurants and spas.
Graduating from London Metropolitan University in the late 80’s, Stuart joined a leading London-based design firm specialising in high-end residential design and turn-key projects for corporate clients. In 1993 he entered the hospitality sector as Senior Designer for a London-based practice, and the following year saw him relocate to Dubai, U.A.E, to establish and run a subsidiary office, specialising in hotel design throughout the Middle East region. On returning to the UK in 1996, and after a brief interval working on the design of super yachts, he joined an architectural practice as Associate and Head of Interior Design.
In 2004 Stuart established his own design practice, with particular focus on the design of luxury hotels, such the Grand Hyatt Cairo or the Hyatt Regency The Churchill, projects that saw the beginning of the cooperation with Interna that supplied the turn key furniture.
With extensive experience of high-end projects, working internationally in over twenty-five countries, and with a passion for every aspect of hospitality design, his practice today is engaged on a wide variety of prestigious projects throughout Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.
Stuart believes that a non-complacent, enquiring and open attitude that embraces technological and social advancements is central to the success of their projects. His specific expertise and primary role is in the formulation of concepts that fulfil project requirements, maximising their potential and in broadly overseeing their transition through design development to completed successful designs.