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Robert Bilkey and Oscar LLinas

BLD Bilkey LLinas Design | Hong Kong and Palm Beach

Robert Bilkey and Oscar LLinas

“We approach each project by looking at what the market and the guests actually require, tailoring our designs to meet those needs”

Bilkey LLinas Design was founded in 1989, and since then the firm has specialized in the realization of projects for the high-end hospitality market. Robert Bilkey, graduated at Colorado State University School of Design, worked as designer in the hospitality industry and gained experience in the planning and management of spaces required for the functionality and maximization of the same. Oscar LLinas, after receiving his degree at U.C.L.A., worked for several years as interior designer contributed to the creation of design concepts like the contemporary grand hotel and the resort casino. Mixing their skills, architectural planning and interior design, Bob Bilkey and Oscar LLinas created a strong international company that understands like no other the needs of the high-end hospitality sector. The studio created and creates remarkable projects worldwide in a refined and elegant contemporary style.