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New York Palace | Budapest - Hungary - 2005-2006 | Interior Designer: Tihany Design

Acquired by the Boscolo Group in February 2001, The New York Palace reopened its doors to the public in 2006 following intensive restructuring work that returned one of the Hungarian capital’s most interesting cultural and artistic symbols to the spotlight.
The Hotel has an unrestrained, quintessentially eclectic style, representing the work of the different designers involved in the project. Interna has been called to supply the furniture for the NY Café and part of the suites.
The NY Café, intriguing and magical blend of past and future, has been created by Adam D. Tihany. The suites, designed by the studio Papiri, and are a mix of clean cut, almost austere furniture, in ebony and silver and in style warmer furnishings, such as headboards, bedside tables, wardrobes, lamps all custom made by Interna.