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Michael Bedner

HBA Hirsch Bedner Associates | Los Angeles

Michael Bedner

“The philosophy of hospitality design we believe in is to create a unique sense of place, to be committed to perform effectively in order to provide the ultimate well-conceived, innovative design solutions. Our team of gifted designers possesses strong organizational and communicational skills and their knowledge of the interior design industry offers us the opportunity to rewrite the language of design with each new project”

HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates combines a detailed knowledge of design with a depth of experience that supports a philosophy of creating a sense of place, each Hirsch Bedner interior is the result of a unique and sensible response to location, architecture and client vision.
The studio provides a comprehensive package of design services that follows a project from its planning stage through to installation and implementation. Open to the influences of new technology, new locations, and fresh ideas, HBA remains keenly attuned to the pulse of changing hospitality industry trends governed by today’s more sophisticated world traveller.