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Marianna Gagliardi

Architetto Marianna Gagliardi | Firenze

Marianna Gagliardi

“I believe that decorating a house, in particular if it is your profession, should almost be like acting: you should be ready to play many roles to go along and help grow the wishes of your client”

Marianna Gagliardi, Florentine architect and interior designer, has a resolute, but open an generous spirit, that is revealed through her spontaneous and immediate creativity, that founds its roots in a deep knowledge and constant comparison with centuries of history, art and culture of living.
Her interiors are never minimal, but imbued with a balance of past, present and future, with outstanding details: the result is always aimed to a functional use of the spaces and their fully liveability. Her studio, located along the river Arno, is visited by a refined and discerning clientele and the intervention of Marianna Gagliardi is in various sectors and many cities: in addition to the renovation and restoration.