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Jean-Michel Gathy

Denniston | Kuala Lumpur

Jean-Michel Gathy

“The most vital point of action in my opinion is that when you start a project, you visit the location and try to understand the way local people live. These people know the weather conditions, the ground conditions etc and have fine-tuned over the generations the art of using these aspects in everyday life. So we take all of these fundamental characteristics of local architecture and infuse new technologies and commercial parameters. This allows us to create a harmonious property.”

Denniston is a consulting firm structured to provide comprehensive design services in the fields mostly associated to the hospitality industry. The multi disciplinary services of site planning, architecture, interior design and hardscape are reflected in the numerous internationally acclaimed projects completed around the world in the last two decades.
Jean-Michel Gathy, born in Belgium is the principal designer and personally conceptualises all design work since the company’s inception in 1993. Having received several personal awards, Mr Gathy has on several occasions participated as a jury member drawn form a panel of experts for various project awards and has been invited as an official guest speaker at international forums. The company’s projects are also reviewed and applauded constantly in the professional press and often taken as reference. The secret Denniston success is the collective collaboration of the project teams, with a total of 155 professionals hailing from 21 different countries.