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Jacques Garcia

Décoration Jacques Garcia | Paris

Jacques Garcia

“What I hate above all are these standard decor concepts without soul, without life, without roots that everybody can see in the interior design magazines. My work has a constant focus on origins, on what the ancients had already discovered. I do not try to re-invent, I much prefer to retrieve the perfect proportions that the ancients transmitted us.”

Jacques Garcia, renowned architect and interior designer, has made his life into a work of art. A lover of art and history, he is also at heart a collector with an exceptional talent for bringing out the soul of places. The Costes Hotel in Paris, The Metropole in Monte Carlo, the Victor Hotel in Miami, The Reserve in Geneva, La Mamounia in Marrakech, the DAnieli in Venice, the Hotel Des Indes in The Hague, the NoMad in New York: the greatest buildings ally their magnificence with his unbridled creativity.
The fifty or so locations which every year enjoy unanimous approval of their décor, owe this success to the fact that Jacques Garcia has a very special and unique relationship with comfort and the art of welcoming and hospitality. Fighting against stiff formal interiors in contemporary locations Garcia’s emphasis on comfort insists above all on attitude, elegance, conviviality and a sense of self and others. Shunning stuffiness, these revived shapes and styles suggest a form of abandon or sensuality which embody the Jacques Garcia notion of modernity.