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Isao Hosoe

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Isao Hosoe

“The socio - economic development of the modern world has been based on, above all, technology and scientific rationality neglecting the human values. Design must act as a bridge between the material world and the human world intervening in such a way as to create a perfect balance between the two through the use of technology in the context of human values. Living today does not simply signify functionality and economy of time but also a new perception of space linked to tastes, colours, sound, light and human relations. As well as the ergonomics of objects and space the psychology of well being must be explored through the use of proxemics and cultural anthropology.
The new light materials and production processes that respect the ecological culture will be given much attention. Design is the expression of the total quality of living in the third millennium.”

“Play Hotel, the entire work of our studio for Interna, is a theatre where actors and actresses play their role. The furnishings are the stage elements that make the whole scene fascinating.”

Isao Hosoe was born in Tokyo in 1942. In 1965 he graduated in Aerospace Engineering and in 1967 he obtained a Master of Science degree from the Nihon University of Tokyo with The Manpowered Aircraft. He has been living in Milan since 1967, where in 1985, after a long lasting cooperating (1967-1974) with the Studio Ponti-Fornaroli-Rosselli, he founded “Isao Hosoe Design”. Alongside his professional design work, he has been actively involved in teaching and research at a number of top European universities including the “La Sapienza” in Rome, Les Ateliers in Paris, Elisawa in Barcelona and the University of Lisbon. He is also co-author of the book “Playoffice” (1991,G.C. Press, Tokyo), and has many other publications to his name. Isao Hosoe has won numerous international awards, including the Compasso D’oro Award, the Gold Medal at the Triennial Exhibition of Milan, the IF Award, the Japan Good Design Award and, on no less than six occasions, the Chicago Athenaeum’s ‘Good Design Award. He has exhibited widely around the world and his designs are on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, in Chicago and in Milan. The cooperation with Interna started in 2005 with the creation of various hospitality concepts including many items specifically designed for highly technical applications.