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Concrete Team

Concrete | Amsterdam

Concrete Team

“There are no problems, only solutions.”

Concrete consists of 5 fundamental building blocks: concrete interiors, concrete architecture, concrete tomorrow, concrete today and concrete heritage.
Originally founded by Rob Wagemans, Gilian Schrofer and Erik van Dillen in 1997 and now headed by Rob Wagemans, Lisa Hassanzadeh, Erikjan Vermeulen, Sofie Ruytenberg, Erik van Dillen and Volkert Vos, Concrete’s entire team consist of about 40 professional: visual marketers, product and interior designers, graphic designers and architects work on the projects in multidisciplinary teams. The company creates brands, produces the interior design, architectonic and urban development plans, along with the main presentations and, eventually the scale models themselves.
Concrete derives the inspiration, influence and conceptual impetus for its designs from today modern world: their designers want to be inspired not just by modern art but by comics too, by ideas from the worlds of architecture and multimedia, by haute cuisine and the snack bar. They appear contradictory, but, in this collision, the prefect expression of our post-modern age can be found.
Interna had the pleasure of cooperating with the studio in 2007 with the turn-key implementation of the furniture of the first citizenM hotel at the International airport in Schiphol; the cooperation continued in 2008 for the implementation of the second citizenM in the centre of Amsterdam.
The idea of the container-like room of the studio Concrete became reality thanks to the essential contribution of Interna, that took part in all the preliminary phases of study and planning, phases that saw the development of the engineering and the finalization of the room model, allowing the initial dream to become true.