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CitizenM concept | Amsterdam - The Netherlands - 2007-2008 | Interior Designer: Concrete Architectural Associate

Interna created the interiors for the citizenM hotels in Amsterdam, one located at the international airport and one in the city centre. The idea behind the hotel was to offer affordable luxury accommodation to “mobile citizens”: modern, independent travelers who appreciate contemporary design and user-friendly technology. The structures, built using the “Industrial Flexible Demountable” system, consist of modular, container-like rooms (2.8x12 m). Rooms inspired by the minimal and efficient interiors of yachts and the cabins on private jets, and equipped with the best technology and amenities. Interna was commissioned by this new hotel chain to provide turnkey furnishings following the design created by the Dutch firm Concrete and was very much involved in each phase of the project, from concept and engineering, to the final finishing touches to the rooms, all carried out with the utmost care and attention, particularly in the choice of materials and finishes. Interna also supplied innovative room features like a square wall-to-wall bed, or the showers, with built in led lights that can be set according to personal preference. Customization was one of the main themes of this project: guests can control lights, music, and wake-up call tunes for their room.