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Charles Robertson

LRF Designers Limited | Hong Kong

Charles Robertson

“I believe that a successful design is one that takes into account all the different criteria involved with the design and construction process. The design needs to meet the functional/ergonomic requirements of the space; it needs to meet or exceed the clients’ aspirations and reflect its relevance to its geographical location and cultural context. Above all it must have “build ability” and stand the test of time”

Charles Robertson began his career in London working on a wide variety of projects including office, retail and restaurant design. As a member of a multi-disciplined design team he worked on a proposal for London's first theme park "Dickens London". Mr. Robertson qualified as an interior designer in the United Kingdom in 1971 becoming a member of the Chartered Society of Designers in 1978. In 1981 he moved to Hong Kong since when he has specialised in hospitality design and becoming partner at the LRF Designers Limited, studio that from its offices in Hong Kong and London creates hospitality projects in China, Hong Kong, and other countries around Asia. For the past 25 years LRF Designers have been designing hotels and luxury residences all over the world in just about every type of environment, developing an acute understanding of the hospitality industry and building up an extensive portfolio of works. It provides interior design services ranging from initial feasibility studies, space planning, budget proposals and schematic design to the complete design and construction process.