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Bruno Moinard

4BI | Paris

Bruno Moinard

"Warm simplicity, elegance and timelessness....Bruno Moinard's work is centred around these three themes; as well as an approach to luxury which is here a way of perceiving things. Because, what is luxury other than smoothing away certain details, making even hidden things precious, being generous in the art of detail and finish, and offering something finely-worked and made-to-measure? From the beginning, the agency has thus stayed true to its basic philosophy: to interpret a place without erasing its soul, to bring warmth to a very austere interior, to create surprises, to ignore fashions. In other words, to act like there was nothing there, in order to remain classic, timeless and without ever preaching"

Born in Dieppe in 1956, following his graduation from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art and after a first experience with Hubert Cormier for the famous Troisgros restaurant in Roanne, Bruno Moinard joined Andrée Putnam's and Jean-François Bodin's team in the architecture firm Écart and Écart International in 1979, bringing with him the drawing skills he'd honed over the years. This 15-year adventure would lead to him becoming Andrée Putnam's senior partner and participating notably in one of the firm's most memorable construction projects, that of the legendary Concorde airplane. For ten years he oversaw Écart's Research & Design department of 15 people and, in 1995, Mr. Moinard realized a long-held aspiration by founding his own agency, 4BI. And, since1996, his name is associated on a worldwide basis with the Cartier fashion house, for which Mr Moinard created the design and layout of many exhibitions and the new Cartier concept design for the numerous boutiques of the fashion house throughout the world. Bruno Moinard has a vision and an ability not just to reconcile but to weave together tradition and modernity: his style imposes itself as unpretentious, refined and elegant , rendering a minimalist modernity albeit conserving warmth; reflection of the creator himself, a discreet luxury obtained through the perfection of the most minute detail.


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