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Andrée Putman

Studio Putman | Paris

Andrée Putman

“The Putman style is a work which has to be almost invisible. My interiors are simple, but not impersonal, serene but not cold, tempting but not opulent, charming but not nostalgic, they are refined but not restrictive”.

Andrée Putman 1925 – 2013
Andrée Putman, one of the world best known contemporary designers was born in Paris, in 1925. She worked in design since the 1950s, variously as a product design consultant, publicist and journalist and in 1978 she founded Ecart : through it, she started a design practice of her own, though she had never formally studied design or architecture.
The publicity she generated from residential projects she did for friends attracted the attention of world renewed fashion designers who hired her to create stores for them in France and overseas. Her career-changing commission came in the early 1980s, when the New York hotelier Ian Schrager hired her to design the interiors for his new Morgans Hotel: it became the first boutique hotel ever, a small, artistically designed answer to standardized mass-market hotels. In 1997, she created her eponymous Studio, specialising in interior design, product design and scenic design and the relationship with Interna started in 2000 with the project of the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg.
In 2007, Andrée’s daughter, Olivia Putman, took over the Art Direction of the Studio, a wish its founder (passed away in January 2013) had expressed for a long time.