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Adam D. Tihany

Tihany Design | New York

Adam D. Tihany

“I have never been accused of being a minimalist. I mean, I love materials, I love surfaces, I like things that are not manmade, that are made by nature, take them and make then look even more interesting. Combinations of surfaces: wood, glass, metal, stone: I welcome all of this. In all my projects I like to use local materials, first of all because what they do is anchor the project in a local reality, which makes it site-specific.”

Adam D. Tihany is widely regarded as one of the world’s hospitality designers. After attending the Politecnico di Milano- School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tihany apprenticed in renowned design firms in Italy. In 1978 Tihany established his own multidisciplinary New York studio that encompassed all aspects of design – from commercial and residential interiors to furniture, products, exhibitions, and graphics- and with the creation of La Coupole, the first grand café in New York City in 1981, his practice began specializing in hospitality design.
His sophisticated, often groundbreaking designs are the result, in part, of his unique global perspective. Over the last thirty years, Tihany Design has become the leading expert in creating luxurious and innovative interiors in the vibrant world of hospitality. The studio perpetuates the philosophy that every project should be a living, relevant, and unique entity. Each work is custom-tailored to fit the vision of the client and no two projects are alike.