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What "turn-key" means for us

For us implementing a turn-key project means taking total responsibility of the project in front of the client, from the initial ideas to their actual completion. It means assuring the agreed quality standards, the fixed deadlines and the prearranged budget.

The main phases of our turn-key are:


The contract industry involves huge and complex investments. For Interna, it is crucial to be able to support clients with both medium and long-term project financing. Over the years, Interna Financial Department has acquired a significant experience, so that they can support clients with different financial solutions.

Shop Drawings

All our turnkey projects are based on comprehensive and detailed designs for each and every item. Our design office has a team of experienced architects, designers and other specialists who work on the executive planning, and painstakingly draw up the detailed shop drawings for each individual piece of furniture or furnishing. Key design criteria are always in terms of functionality, quality of the prime materials, sturdiness, respect of the various national technical norms, aesthetics, and streamlined production to optimize costs. Hence, these elements are always in mind during the continuous coordination of work between the architects and the other product specialists in Interna. Also, the executive drawings are discussed and carefully checked with the client, the interior designer and other specialists to ensure clear coordination with progress on the building site and installation work.

Project Management

Project managers at Interna are the clients’ main reference people throughout the project execution. They plan and monitor every stage of the order, coordinate the activities of the different company functions and make sure that for each project the three fundamental objectives are achieved, i.e. the respect of agreed technical specifications and quality standards, of delivery terms, and of budgets.

Production & Quality Control

Over the years, Interna has built up a solid productive know-how, and can now guarantee flawless quality at highly competitive prices. The large scale production of Interna is implemented with cutting-edge machinery and with the implementation of the latest technologies that allow for highly competitive prices and, at the same time, impeccable quality. Interna guarantee also for the quality of small quantities or single pieces created upon design. Special engravings, hand-painted pieces, carved sections, peculiar finishes and unusual shapes are daily challenges for Interna. Rigorous quality controls are carried out by Interna specialists throughout all the phases of production to monitor each partial outcome and to ensure that each final piece is crafted to perfection.


Interna Logistics Department is able to select the best carriers and the most appropriate means of transport to optimize delivery times and costs and to meet clients’ deadlines. All transportation conforms to international security and sanitary rules and procedures for the carriage of wooden materials and products, as well as highly important protection procedures against moisture, high humidity, or excessive dryness.

Complete fit-out and Installation

Interna, with a team of specialized workers, guarantees the complete fit-out and installation of the furnishings as well as all the work associated with finalizing the internal finishings to ensure a perfect job. A team of site managers, whose job is to direct and coordinate the contracted work, guarantee that the items ordered are produced to the highest quality and that the programmed schedules agreed with the building supervisors are adhered to and guarantee coordination between Interna work and other companies possibly present on site.

After-sales Assistance

Interna grants for the products supplied a warranty for a period which is contractually agreed for every single project. Moreover, Interna is ready to offer a post sales assistance, well after the warranty period has expired, for each project executed to grant the client the most convenient price and conditions. This service does include the maintenance, refurbishing and/or replacement of “custom-made” or standard obsolete products.