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Summum is the Dutch word meaning “summit”, the perfect name for The Netherlands’ most exclusive private jet lounge located at the new private jet terminal of Schipol. Designed by the Dutch interior architects studio FG stijl, the lounge combines style with practical functionality at the highest level of luxury and is divided into meeting rooms and lounge areas, distinctive by their size and functionality.
For this project Interna supplied the most part of the freestanding furniture, with a predominance of items belonging to their own collection “AngloDutch” designed in 2008 by FG stijl studio /Amsterdam.
Underlying the whole project, the leitmotiv of a sophisticated, precious elegance that, while hinting at times gone by, fully meets the requirements of today’s international lifestyle.

Interna Anglodutch Collection Wilhelmina Chair

The summum lounge area: the large three to four seats Victoria sofa is complemented by smaller two seat Maxima sofas and Mary chairs. The Diana small hand bag ottoman is there to hold precious hand bags that can not be simply placed on the floor.

The large meeting room offers, around a mother of pearl table, seating for up to 26 people on Wilhelmina chairs from the Interna collection AngloDutch, upholstered in a warm, exclusive yellow fabric.

The small meeting room too, seating up to 10, features furniture from the AngloDutch collection.

Interna Anglodutch Collection Victoria Sofa

Interna Anglodutch Collection Mary Lounge Chair | Diana Handbag Ottoman | Maxima Small Sofa