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RCC | Celebrity Edge | Saint Nazaire - France - 2019 | Interior Designer: HBA | BG Studio

Celebrity Edge, the prototype of a new class of ships launched by the RCCL, faces up to its name: technology, comfort and design, everything has been brought to the Edge. The best designers have been called to take part in the creation of this new, exciting project and Interna had the pleasure to work with HBA Miami and BG International from New York on it. Interna scope of work included the fit-out of about 1.400 square metres for the Tuscan restaurant, with a classical design inspired by the Italian fashion and film industry and the Normandie restaurant, a modern, glamorous space that brings to mind the atmosphere of a spring day in Paris. From floor to ceiling Interna produced and installed all the fixed elements in compliance with the detailed design specifications, the rather strict naval ruling regarding weight and fireproofing and the respect of high quality standards to meet the demands for frequent use materials in public premises.