A Company of Interna Group

A wide range of highly customizable furniture at the highest quality standards

In response to widespread demand from the professionals of the contract market for furnishings produced and installed in the shortest time possible and with prices in line with the budgets of the sector, Interna created an extensive collection with copyright protection, conceived, designed and engineered to be incorporated in large furnishing projects such as hotels, restaurants and bars, shops and outlets, private clinics, wellness centres, yachts and cruise ships.

The collection offers hundreds of designs in different styles to satisfy all the demands of a world where bold combinations reign supreme and offers the maximum flexibility of choice, being that each single product of the catalogue can be customized in terms of dimensions, materials and finishes and therefore becoming unique.

The collection is taylor made and its solidity and durability, able to sustain any kind of strain, its aesthetics, never devoid of functionality, its easy maintenance and its conformity to security and protection ruling allow for making a distinctive proposal.