A Company of Interna Group


Interna scope of work included the exclusive supply of all loose furniture, lamps, curtains, all the soft furnishings and all the accessories for a whole, immense and very luxurious Chinese residence. The interior design was signed by the studio Bilkey Llinas Design Hong Kong and has envisaged an haute couture concept for hundreds of items. Everything has been designed and produced for the Villa according incomparable executive standards and employing a number of precious materials.

Each item produced is a unique manufacture masterpiece created by master carvers, glassmakers and Italian masters decorators according to ancient traditions, which are rooted in the Italian spirit, in its cultural wealth and its unique artistic substrate. And it is thanks to this age-old lymph, mixed with a high-tech management approach, that Interna could express here its excellence and bring to the other side of the world the best of the Italian manufacture. On time, within the budget and with the quality standard agreed upon.