A Company of Interna Group


Among the various challenges humanity and industry have to face due to the globalization and the continuous changes of the modern world, the most relevant is to find a balance between profits and growth on one side and justice and social equity on the other.

Interna has worked, since the beginning, on a globalized market and thus has faced the international competition. Its clients are global brands of the tourism and fashion sector and usually its competitors are located in countries with low labour costs. Since 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the globalization phenomena, Interna faced a dilemma: increase the profits by outsourcing the production in countries with low labour costs and little attention for human rights or balance the growth and profits of the company with its social function and instead be regarded as a social good, from which all the community where it is located should benefit. Choosing the second option came naturally, in tune with the entrepreneurial philosophy that goes against many of the current market and economic trends of this sector and, more generally, of the Italian economy:

A solid management system with extensive autonomy given to the managers of each division.

High quality production at competitive prices through efficient management of manufacturing cycles rather than through the use of cheap labour;

Permanent contracts for employees: a human resources management policy that foresees no short-term temporary contracts, employment of young people at their first work experience and placement of women in managerial roles;

Weightless company with investments not in material assets but in IT, Research & Development, know-how, staff training and human resources.