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MSC | Meraviglia | Saint Nazaire - France - 2016-2017 | Interior Designer: Smc Design | Tillberg Design

Flagship of the MSC Cruises, built at the STX shipyards in Saint Nazaire, the Meraviglia is a megaship that boasts an incredible detailed design that lives up to her name. For this queen of the seas Interna supplied, upon exclusive concept of the SMC design and Tillberg design, a complete turnkey with full fit out - planning, assembly and final check of floors, walls, ceilings and all the furniture - for the Buffet Marketplace, 4.000 square metres open 20 hours per day with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sea and open style kitchens. First of 4 twin ships, for all of which Interna has been called to supply turn-key the Buffet Marketplace, the Meraviglia is the first of the Vista generation and the biggest of the whole fleet.