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Maison Souquet | Paris | Paris - France - 2015 | Interior Designer: Jacques Garcia

Maison Souquet, an orchestrate symphony of bold colour combinations, precious materials, rare items and the best Italian manufacture. Behind a discreet façade, clearly marked by red lanterns, the Maison Souquet - only 20 exclusive rooms including 6 suites - reserves its luxury only to the initiates. In place of the Belle Époque old pleasure house stands one of the most sumptuous and dissolute Parisian hotels. The talent of Jacques Garcia for the design restores to the location the unheard of mystery, elegance, exoticism, sensuality and luxury of the architecturally connoted old pleasure house. Interna long lasting cooperation with Jacques Garcia found yet again superb expression within this hotel for which Interna supplied a wide range of high-end sittings, tables and case-goods both for public areas and rooms and suites; many of the items have been designed and produced specifically for the project, whereas many others have been selected from the 2005 Interna furniture catalogue Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia, that counts more than 50 exclusive items produced with the best sartorial manufacture, the most noble materials and the utmost care to even the smallest detail.