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Louis Vuitton boutique concept | Worldwide - Since 2005 | Interior Designer: Peter Marino

The concept for the Louis Vuitton boutiques designed by Peter Marino envisions the space as a museum display so that each single item becomes an undisputed protagonist, acquiring the status of a piece of art that entrances the visitor-buyer by involving him in a powerful sensorial experience.
Characteristic of this sophisticated concept, with a rather intricate implementation process, is the use of anigrè essences in various finishes, enhanced by the accurate use of light and the combination with other precious finishes for fabrics, leathers and metals.
For the maison Vuitton Interna, as of today, has implemented more than thirty boutiques of large dimensions in different parts of the world, the most important of them located in Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan, Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai, Budapest, Wien, Hamburg, Saint Tropez and Yekaterinburg, Munich.