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Carnival Dream | Monfalcone - Italy - 2008-2009 | Interior Designer: Joseph Farcus Architect, P.A.

Interna entered the sector of the naval fit-out in 2008 with the works carried out for Fincantieri for the Carnival Dream; they included the whole fit-out of the millwork of three public areas, Aft Lounge, Jazz Club And Piano Bar, for a total surface of 1,050 square meters. The interiors have mosaic and marble floors, upholstered walls enriched with Venetian masks and curvilinear ceilings illuminated by huge glass chandeliers. The electronically managed illumination has been specially designed, in order to create suggestive light games, thus contributing to the creation of an eclectic oeuvre d’art, to involve passengers in a timeless dimension. The Carnival Dream was a significant project allowing Interna to enter the world of the naval sector and to start a fruitful cooperation with Fincantieri.