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Café De La Paix Paris | Paris - France - 2002-2003 | Interior Designer: PYR Pierre-Yves Rochon

The décor in Paris’ world-famous Café de la Paix evokes the spirit of the glory of Napoleon III’s Second Empire: the dance, the music and the opera. This Café has always been the place to be seen par excellence and has ever been a favourite for famous poets, politicians, philosophers, and painters. For the Café, Interna havs created rich furnishings in mahogany with lacquered or gold-leaf inlays, and superb bronze decorations all of which are linked to the running horizontal surfaces vaunting rich marble, fine leather and precious mosaics. The seductive imperial red hues of the chairs together with the yellows and the golds of the other decorative features quite suddenly take us back, back in time to the glory of that Second Empire.